About The Lyric


The Lyric™: Wellness Harmonized

Introducing the Lyric therapeutic massager, a revolutionary intelligent self-care companion that takes the guesswork out of wellness, fitting seamlessly and stylishly into any home or lifestyle and offering breakthrough Rhythm Therapy™ to relax and relieve pain for everybody and every body. The Lyric provides an intuitive experience for everyone. Its easy-to-use touch screen and single-screen experience removes the need for juggling device and phone simultaneously, allowing you to truly be in the moment and focus entirely on your wellness needs. The built-in intelligence provides personalized content that is purposefully designed to help you relax or address physical ailments and mental wellness for healing and education. The Lyric is enabled for Wi-Fi, so not only will you have access to new therapies via the companion app, you will also have peace of mind knowing that you can update your device’s user interface with the latest manufacturer firmware updates.

Relieving Rhythm Therapy™

Rhythm Therapy is based on vibroacoustic science, the direct application of frequencies to the body to help temporarily alleviate minor muscle pain, shift stress and positively affect emotions. Therapies offered by the Lyric facilitate the nervous system. These therapies can guide your body to its parasympathetic mode, which is nourishing, allowing it to slow down and rest. Or, you can select therapies that activate your sympathetic mode, leading to an alert, awake and energized feeling.

Revolutionizing Self-Care

The Lyric establishes a new category in wellness, thanks to its therapeutic range of frequencies coupled with lower amplitude (the distance traveled by the massage head). This combination requires less pressure from the device to achieve the same benefit, allowing for a comfortable, enjoyable and nonaggressive massage experience that feels good and promotes positive wellbeing.