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with the Lyric handheld massager

Lyric Therapeutic Massager


The Lyric is a smart massage therapy tool that helps you find your rhythm of wellness. Sleek, stylish, lightweight, and affordable, the Lyric brings relaxation and temporary pain relief to everybody and every body. ​​This new type of massage device uses Rhythm Therapy™ that combines touch and movement with vibroacoustic frequencies to stimulate the nervous system. The result is customizable wellness based on your needs 
and preferences.

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The Lyric deep tissue massage gun standing next to the induction current wireless docking station

the evolution of self-care

  • A close-up of the Lyric massager’s intuitive touchscreen display.
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intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen

Focus on your moment of wellness without distraction – the Lyric’s easy-to-use touchscreen provides intuitive massage therapies at your fingertips.
Young woman wearing comfortable sporty top, sitting on her couch using the Lyric handheld massager to apply vibration massage to her neck and shoulder for muscle massage therapy.
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